C# 6 through 7, ASP.NET 5.? and the growing role of the community in the development of new software frameworks

Description: The great companies have started a war on all fronts (new IDEs, frameworks, code editors?) to entice and recruit developers in their respective camps, and great value is placed on those whose employees actively contribute in their communities and help their members.
Young and senior developers constantly ask themselves which framework will be the most profitable / fun for them to learn, forgetting that it is their interest that plays a very important factor in the end result as well. They are not alone.
As roadmaps to new versions to many .NET technologies (C#6 to 7, ASP.NET 5 and beyond) are revealed by their entrance into open source, it is good to put things in perspective by exposing the growing change in the developer community as well. It is not only where to look, but how to look that matters.

Date and time: 06.05.2015, 18:00
Place: MKC club restaurant Kej Dimitar Vlahov 15, 1000 Skopje
Speaker: Vlatko Dimitrov
Speaker BIO:¬†Vlatko is a software engineer that spends most of his time managing and developing eLearning systems. He has a passion for all things .NET related and often spends his time tinkering and experimenting with all the new shiny technologies regardless if there is or isn’t a Visual Studio template for them.


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