ITARC event coming to Sofia

Association of Software Engineers ( is a non-profit organization that helps software engineers to succeed in their profession through lifetime learning, mentoring and networking.

One area that is identified as important one is growing the IT Architecture skills within the community. To achieve this goal ASE has partnered with IASA ( – the International Association for all IT Architects. IASA is very well recognized of making the professional of IT Architects recognized by delivering ITABOK (IT Architect Body of Knowledge) and ITARCs which are series of events worldwide about innovation, business technology strategy and IT Architecture.

ASE is delivering the largest ITARC event in Europe ( this autumn, 25-26 October, in Sofia – Bulgaria. There will be speakers from Microsoft, SAP, VMware, leading software providers and thought leaders. This is an event not to miss.

What You’ll Find?

  • To gain maximum business value from your IT;
  • to better present your solution to business;
  • to successfully communicate your technical decisions;
  • to correctly plan your IT costs and support.

Who Should Attend? 

  • Software engineers;
  • Project Managers;
  • DevOps teams;
  • IT Architects; each technology professional who aim to move forward to the next level.

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