Vertical Slices in .NET


At its core, engineering is the art of decomposing big problems into smaller ones so that are easier to be understood, communicated and tackled.
The traditional n-tier approach to building a feature is to break it down into several layers. By building it as such there is high risk of over-engineering each layer individually to ensure that the next dependable layer has everything it needs. This way, there is high potential for introducing non-necessary complexity.
By slicing through the layers, and building features in “vertical slices” the complexity gets as big as the individual feature needs it to be, isolated from other parts of the system.
In this session I’ll explain and demo how to simplify a horizontal-layered system towards vertical-sliced one, by employing principles and practices such as SRP and CQS.
Date and time: 03.03.2016 (Thursday), 18:00, The presentation is postponed for the 09.03.2016 (Wednesday), 18:00 due to sickness of the presenter
Place: MKC club restaurant Kej Dimitar Vlahov 15, 1000 Skopje
Speaker: Bojan Veljanovski
Bojan is Chief Technology Officer at HASELT. He oversees the software engineering teams and the technical design and architecture of HASELT solutions. Evaluates potential technologies for use and directs the Research & Development efforts.As a professional software developer, focuses on solving customer’s problems by delivering working solutions by applying various principles, methodologies and practices such as Clean Code, Extreme Programming, DDD, TDD, SOLID and other acronyms.He’s also involved in many different activities, including speaking at local conferences, meetups and user groups. Occasionally holds technical training for junior and experienced developers. In his student days he’s been Microsoft Student Partner, in which he co-founded and lead the FINKI Tech Club.

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